Monday, 10 December 2007

Weekend two: I survived!!

The second GDL DL weekend has come and gone which, scarily, means that I am technically half way through year one now. Hit the ground running as usual - straight from a weekend of studying back into work and family life.

It was a really good weekend - and once again I am glad I prepared well, if not as much as I would have done in an ideal world. My favourite subjects were EU Law and Contract Law. Still enjoying Tort but Pure Economic Loss was a bit dull, and ConstiAdmin does nothing at all for me.

I also signed up for an international law summer school, so by the end of July next year I should be knowledgeable about International Commercial Law and the country of Estonia. Even better - my sister has kindly offered to look after the children for that week so I have a whole week off being a "mum".

The weekend was tiring again - travelling all morning Friday before lectures/tutorials until 9.30pm. A bonus was the fact that I had a "newly refurbished" hotel room - quite an improvement on last time! (The food was still horrible though). Saturday started early - 8.30 until 5.15 and Sunday again started early, but we finished a little earlier at 2.45pm this weekend.

Our first tutorials were on EU law - a subject I am really enjoying. We discussed free movement of goods and preliminary references. After that we went back to the hotel and had a few drinks and also chatted to some of the GDL DL year 2 students which was very interesting. A matter of some concern was that they experienced a drop out rate of 40% - that seemed very high to me.

Saturday morning we started off with Law of Tort - once again this was interesting, but psychiatric damage was the most interesting and also led to the most debate and discussion. After a lunch hour spent whizzing round the shops with a couple of other students we spent the afternoon on Contract Law. I really think this is my favourite subject and I never ran out of things to say. This is probably a good thing as no-one else in the group seemed prepared to answer the questions so it was only me contributing for most of the afternoon!

Saturday night the law school had laid on a christmas meal and disco for us. Far, far, far too much alcohol was consumed by all leaving Sunday something of a blur..... Thank goodness the next weekend is in February when there will be no need for excess drinking.

I was nominated student-staff rep for my group and had a great meeting with other student reps and staff members on the Saturday - I was surprised that it lasted nearly 2 hours but we had some good discussions.

We were given not only all of our pieces of assessed coursework but also our exam timetable for next May which has left me feeling a little daunted, but also quite motivated now to work as hard as possible. Hooray for a little time off over Christmas!

Still waiting to hear from the law seems meeting deadlines (at least where I am concerned) is not a priority so for now all I can do is keep my fingers crossed.

Early night ahead and then tomorrow I shall continue my studies with renewed enthusiasm!