Monday, 1 October 2007

All set for weekend one!

This Friday I should be setting off on the first of 4 residential study weekends. I am pleased to announce that I have completed all of the required preparation, despite the best efforts of my two little monsters.

I say "should" as I now have a problem....I have to leave home at 5.30am, my sister doesn't get round to look after the children until 5.30pm. This is an issue. I DID have baby sitting arranged but it fell through and now I am quite concerned as to my best course of action. Children eh, if they aren't scribbling over your law notes, they are causing an organisational nightmare in terms of their care! I shall continue to work through the problem and hopefully find a solution (before 5.30am on Friday...)

Nothing has confused me too much yet - another good sign. The modules I am studying this year are:
English Legal Method
Constitutional and Administrative Law (enjoying so far!)
Law of Tort (enjoying this too..)
Law of Contract (hmmm)
European Union Law (the less said the better!)

On Friday I had a really good interview with a local law company who may offer me a job as a paralegal which would be great - just waiting to hear now and getting butterflies just thinking about it!


Ambitious Law Student said...


First of all, its a great achievement that you are finding the time to do the GDL whilst being the mother of two. Its strange because I've always found that its the people that have to balance lots of different activites/responsibilities that perform the best in exams. Certainly, thats true at my university. On the other hand, students like me who spend lots of time on their studies and don't have many activities and responsibilites, don't perform as well :(

Second of all, how can you not like Contract law but like Constitutional Law?! In the first year of my degree, I studied mostly the same subjects you are currently doing. I absolutely loved Contract. I loved the fact that you, unlike for other subjects, can learn so much by just reading cases in full. Textbooks are, in my opinion, useless for Contract law; careful attention to a select number of important cases and statutes is far more interesting and rewarding. My only regret of First year is that I wish I realised this at the time.

Also don't bank on Constitutional Law being as appealing as it is now, nearer the exams. Even if it is, it doesn't derogate from the First year exams conundrum - you perform better in exams you feel have gone badly than in exams you think you passed with flying colours.

Anyway, just wanted to say: well done on doing what you're doing, I'll be sure to visit this blog again in the future!

Good luck your hopes of paralegalling too.

LegallyMum said...

Thanks for the comment - as you will see from my recent post it was Contract Law that really engaged me! Someone once said to me, if you need something doing, ask a busy person because they will find the time to do it...I think in many ways that is true. I am findng the time to study as I am so used to being busy anyway! Plus I have the added motivation that I am not just doing the course for myself, but also to provide a better life for my children, and set an example to them. Fingers crossed now fr the rest of the year!