Thursday, 7 August 2008

Still on the summer break

Still enjoying a break from studying but exceptionally busy with work. Also realising, as the little ones grow less little, just how hard just "being a mum" is.

Take this morning. My little boy (now 4 - starting school in September) trotted into my room and merrily said:

Let's put on our shoes and put on our clothes and go to the shop and buy some nice games

Rubbing my eyes to see the time (6am) I explained that we simply couldn't as the shops weren't open.

He was quiet for a moment and then said.

Ok. Let's put on our shoes and put on our clothes and go into the garden.
And go to the shed and get the axe and go to a shop and smash the window.....

Well. We didn't do that. I think it is a jolly good thing that I am studying law now. If I don't succeed in drumming these ideas out of his head (and where DO these ideas come from???) then at least I can provide him some free legal advice...

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Anisha said...

I would love to know where you're doing your GDL DL from. I googled it for information and your blog turned up :-)