Friday, 29 February 2008

Time has flown

I am staggered that more than two months have passed since I last provided an update. That will be the combined effects of studying the GDL by distance learning, raising a pair of troublesome toddlers, and starting a new job....

Well, Christmas came and went and the first assessed piece of coursework (Tort) was handed in. Was pleased to get 65 for that. Then, amongst all the reading and prep for weekend three there was an EU coursework to write (70 for that one).

I was also delighted to start a new job at the start of this month, working as a legal assistant in a litigation department. It means that life is now much more focused on law which makes studying a lot more relevant. It does however mean that I am working full time, as well as my part time teaching and I feel that I am completely neglecting my children. They are growing weary of bedtime stories made up of case law....

It sends them to sleep nicely though!!

At the moment I am busy working on a variety of cases, and also writing up the third assessed coursework - ConstiAdmin this time. There is a music festival locally and lots of my students have been involved so that has kept me occupied - not that I particularly needed any extra stimulation in my life... The other great challenge to surmount at the moment is the planning of my son's "Pirate Party". So far it isn't going well. The one child he actually likes at pre-school is away the weekend of "the party" so he is pretty much heartbroken. To make up for it a little I am determined to hone my creative skills and produce a "parrot pinata" and "baked potato boats" for the big day. And organise a treasure hunt. And devise "pirate-themed games". And make costumes.

Hmmm. I think that I will be reading through the night to prepare for the next weekend. I wonder if anyone has considered legislating for a 30 hour day?

Back to work for now and then a weekend of party-planning. Anyone any good with papier-mache?

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