Tuesday, 15 April 2008

Exams looming....

I have just returned from the fourth and final residential weekend of my first year on the GDL by distance learning. Four weeks until exams so well into revision mode now!

I have a beautifully coloured revision timetable on my fridge door, and various law maps all over the house. My poor little ones are going to be having non-stop law stories for the next few weeks.
The little man is quite taken with the United Brands case - we even made up our own words to Bananas in Pyjamas.....the things you do to combine motherhood with law studies!

As the year ends, I am able to reflect a little on what has happened since I began the course last year. I set off for my first weekend last October with no idea of what to expect. I am now quite sad to think that I will not be back at uni for another six months.

Life has changed so much since I began the course. I now work as a legal assistant in commercial litigation which I find really interesting, but I never imagined I would be in this position a few months ago! It has been hard to go to completely full time work - I spend far less time than I would like with my children, but in the long run it will be worth it. And I am benefiting so much from working in a legal environment - it means I have "less hats" to wear now.

It hasn't been easy. Life was busy before and is even more so now, but I feel I am headed in the right direction. My coursework marks have been ok - between 65 aand 70, and now it is all down to the exams.

Revision beckons - I shall update with my progress anon!

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