Monday, 10 September 2007

Feeling satisfied

Well the weekend has come and gone. The major success to report is that both I and my two children (aged nearly 2 and 3) have all got some degree of understanding about Constitutional and Administrative law. At this rate my children are going to become mini-genii of the law world. They are both into the "what does that word say Mummy" stage at the moment, so I figured it was just easier to read aloud from my books. Well, it keeps them amused and enables me to get on with studying so we all win!

Well, we won on Saturday anyway. Unfortunately on Sunday, AF (absent father) decided he was suddenly terribly ill so cancelled his time with the children. The sun was out and they were determined not to spend their time inside being lectured on the European Convention on Human Rights so we spent most of the day out in the garden, trimming back (well more like attacking with a hacksaw) the hedges. I got some sun and the brain had a rest. I had great intentions for an evening of study once they were in bed, but NB (neglected boyfriend) was insistent on spending some time with me for a change, so once again, the study didn't happen.

It was nice to spend some time with NB but I did feel a bit guilty about the lack of time I had put into my studies. I think there are a few too many demands on my time. Made up for it this morning though. After dropping little man to pre-school I sat my daughter down in front of C-Beebies (yes the guilt issues of allowing the t.v. to entertain my child were there) and got on with studying. Am pleased to report that I have now finished preparing Constitutional Law and English Legal Method and have made a good start on the Law of Tort. Only European Law and Law of Contract to sort and I will be all set for the first residential weekend.

Fingers crossed for children who sleep like angels, an AF who actually takes the children out next weekend and an understanding NB who lets me get on with some studying this week!!!

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Legal Seagull said...

I've been reading your blog with interest tonight - I'm in a similar situation lol! You sound like you're coping really well! All advice gratefully appreciated!! Good luck! ;-)