Friday, 7 September 2007

On my way at last

Patting myself on the back. After "thinking about law" for years, but instead getting married, having children and getting divorced, my time has finally come and I am officially a student of Nottingham Law School.

I am studying the GDL by distance learning - the only feasible option with two very small children - and looking forward to it (yes I can hear the muffled laughs and yes I am aware that I sound super-naive). So far, the journey has been relatively straightforward - got an immediate unconditional offer from the Law School for the course, and got an award from Middle Temple. But now of course, reality has hit somewhat.

"It is expected that students will commit 15 hours of study per week to the course".

Hmmmm.....I already work 30 hours at my main job, teach music 20 hours a week and tutor french at an evening class 2 hours a week. And I am completing an HNC in Construction this year. And I am desperately trying to be a "good mum" to my two small children! I really really need a few more hours in each day...

Anyway, I think I can safely say that for the next two years I will have NO free time whatsoever - right now I am looking at the sunshine and grimly facing up to the fact that I will see none of it this weekend. Instead, I shall be trying to get my head around Constitutional and Administrative Law. Oh, and apply for a whole bunch of "mini-pupillages".

It will, I am sure, be worth it in the end.


Android said...

Good luck!!! Sounds like you're going to have a really intense year!

Android said...

Why law and why now, may I ask? :)

LegallyMum said...

Law because i have always wanted to do it, and now because i finally got rid of my ex-husband and can, at last, start fulfilling my dreams!