Tuesday, 11 September 2007

Heading for a brush with the law...

Hmmm...if things continue the way they are, then I may well find myself actively involved with the law a little sooner than intended (or desired). I have discovered a truly horrific combination of objects and circumstances which must NEVER again be allowed to come together.

Felt tip pens
Learning texts
Lack of supervision

I only went to peel some potatoes for dinner (my attempt at being a "real mum" and actually making proper mashed potato for the little monsters). It was as simple and innocent as that.

Five minutes later I return to a scene of carnage. My carefully prepared notes are barely readable, my learning texts are entirely decorated. Well, those that I can see are, anyway. My living room looks like it has been hit by a tornado. My papers are everywhere. Everywhere except where they are meant to be.

My voice leapt up a couple of octaves as I tried to deal with the situation. "You are both VERY naughty. You are both going on the naughty step RIGHT NOW"

So that's where they went. Both screaming their heads off. I tried to gather together my work - it took about 15 minutes to get things straight, all the while the two monsters are yelling (where do children get that capacity for endless wailing from?).

Then I gave them their tea. They didn't even really enjoy their mashed potato very much.

Well last night I carried on with Law of Tort....all but page 19/20 anyway. I have no idea where THAT ended up (methinks the little lady monster may have eaten it). So if anyone has a copy of Nottingham Law School's Learning text on Law of Tort and fancies giving me a precis of that particular page I would be most grateful.

And if the situation repeats itself I am a little worried that I may find myself on the receiving end of a visit from social services following concerned calls from neighbours regarding the amount of crying coming from my house. It won't be the children though. It will be me. Curled up in a ball on the floor whilst the two little monsters decorate me and my notes with felt tip pens...

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